Pattern Maker

I made myself a Pattern Maker!

I had an old wooden times table board that I hadn't got round to getting rid of. I didn't really think it was that great, the pieces are fiddly, they are quite hard to pick up from the middle of the tray and I can't really imagine children using this to practice their times tables. However I did like the 10 by 10 wooden tray and I had wondered about throwing out the cubes but keeping the tray.

I then saw this pattern maker idea from Christopher Danielson where he started from a multiplication machine and by getting rid of the numbers using tape he made Pattern Makers. Now I think part of the joy of his machine is the spring loaded buttons but I thought that rather than ditching my toy I might upcycle it. I decided to paint one face of each cube, the one with the multiplication on it.

Then when they had dried I had a little play. 
Here are some patterns I made. 
What questions could you ask? 

I also considered leaving some of the cubes out of the tray.
How might you describe this pattern?