Tessellations and Angles

I love using tessellation activities with classes. There is so much potential and I have always found a high level of engagement. There is a need for care and precision, observation and noticing, shape recognition, motor skills and opportunities for creativity.

I have regularly used printable sheets from here, and the interactive from here.

But I have found my new favourite place, the web app girih designer. It is amazing! It allows you to make your own design using girih tiles and then colour them however you like.

I think this would make a delightful angles task. You could introduce it after exploring which regular shapes tessellate and which other shapes tessellate the whole plane on their own (resources from NRICH about triangles can be found here and quadrilaterals here).

Students might want some time to play and explore the editor, then they might like to print out their designs and see which angles they could figure out.